Joe  McNeely  photo

Joe McNeely

Community Development Consultant
Metroscape Development

Baltimore, MD

Joe McNeely is a nationally known expert and consultant on community development and a veteran community organizer. He is currently president of Metroscape Development, a real estate development firm focused on Baltimore city. From 2006 to 2015, he served as the initial organizer and first Executive Director of the Central Baltimore Partnership. In the early 70s, he was the founding executive of Baltimore’s South East Community Organization (SECO) and Southeast Community Development Corporation before serving at the national level in the Carter Administration. He then was for 20 years the President of the national Development Training Institute (DTI), which national columnist Neal Peirce called “the country’s premier trainer of CDC (Community Development Corporation) leaders.” From 2006-2012, he also served as Co-facilitator of the Weinberg Fellows program for nonprofit executives at the University of Baltimore’s Schaefer Center. He has written extensively on community development including a textbook in the field published by Columbia University Press. He has taught graduate courses on community development at several universities in Maryland, New York and Ohio.

Mr. McNeely, an attorney, lives in Baltimore, is the father of twin daughters and is married to Patricia Massey, a successful real estate developer in Baltimore City. He serves on numerous boards and committees in Baltimore and at the national level, and is a past President of Baltimore’s Citizens Planning and Housing Association (CPHA).