Jeff  Baloutine photo

Jeff Baloutine

Sr. Manager, Organizational Assessment Services
NeighborWorks America

Austin, TX

Jeff Baloutine has acted for over 35 years as an advocate to attract new resources to lower–income communities and to expand capacity of community-based organizations to meet the needs of their constituents. His experience includes work in banking, for national and local nonprofit organizations, in city and county government, consulting, and teaching at the university level. 

Jeff joined the NeighborWorks® America in 2007 to develop an initiative to offer assessment services to build capacity of nonprofits beyond the NeighborWorks network. Through the initiative, known as Organizational Assessment Services (OAS), Jeff has directed assessments of nearly 80 diverse nonprofit organizations in 28 states. Sponsors have included state housing finance agencies, community development intermediaries, individual CDCs, and others. For four years he also managed the assessments of all organizations applying for affiliation with NeighborWorks America.

Jeff has an MS in Community & Regional Planning from the University of Texas and a BA from Occidental College in Los Angeles. Born and raised with a strong sense of community in Brooklyn, New York, Jeff has lived and worked in Texas for most of his career and is based in Austin.