The Three-Fold Nature of Community: Spirit, Mind and Body

Location: Salon F
Date: Thu, June 1
Time: 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM

It is a task for each generation to recreate a new vision and purpose for redeveloping our communities. To begin, individuals must tap into the incredible force and power of their community’s soul and discover how to bring about change in a conscious way. The community’s soul is constantly echoing for attention, but many don’t recognize the signs. We must reconnect communities with their natural spiritual strengths as well as dismantle many of the negative barriers created by their outer-self, so communities can unveil their true inner selves. Once communities achieve this, they can begin to break free from some of the psychological hindrances that have prevented communities from identifying and reaching their highest potential. Conference participants can share in this collective conversation on how to discover and access the full power of their community’s soul and elevate to a higher awareness of consciousness.

Capacity Building: Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase

Slides - Rev. Bernette Jones, Rev. Judith Hokhmah - Spirit, Mind, Body