Enhancing the Transformative Potential of Small Business Using the Foundry Investment Model

Undoubtedly, small business contributes to the vibrancy and strength of your local economy, however economic growth takes vision and collaboration. Small business owners understand the importance of their role in supporting the success of your community. Many owners lack the capacity to stay viable in developing or re-stabilizing neighborhoods and the ability to reach the next level in their growth. Coupling public and private investment sources with capacity building tools encourages owners to stay in your community, thrive and grow. The Foundry investment model provides your community sustainable entrepreneurial value through effective programming and mentors. Join us as we discuss the theory and practical application of the Foundry investment model and how it benefits both public and private interests.

Vehicles for Investment: Sponsored by Woodforest National Bank

Handout - Jean-Robert Baguidy

Slides - Woodforest Foundry Investment Session