Building Power for Lasting Change

Location: Salon V
Date: Thu, June 1
Time: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

From disappearing, dedicated revenues to hostile legal challenges, the affordable-home development industry has faced setbacks in its ability to continue thriving. In response, leaders looked to organizing their residents as a way to turn the tide, and their efforts have paid off. From local to regional campaigns, empowered residents have succeeded in securing funding sources for affordable homes. We will discuss how the Residents United Network, a Housing California, project and the Resident Action Project, a Washington Low-Income Housing Coalition project, both with support from the Center for Community Change have successful engaged residents in affordable homes and those most impacted by affordable housing policies.

Capacity Building: Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase

Slides - Katy Heins

Handout - Lisa Hershey